Simon Wilson - statistical consultant

  • Statistical data analysis.  I have particular expertise in reliability and lifetime analysis, and spatial and temporal data analysis, as well as the more common statistical analysis techniques of regression, principal components analysis, etc.  
  • Development of new statistical techniques.  I have many years' experience in developing novel statistical algorithms in very diverse application areas.  If you have a new idea that requires a statistical method to implement it, then I can work with you to develop the algorithms that you need.
  • Decision making under uncertainty.  Decision theory provides a structured and rational means of decision making when the decision consequences are uncertain. The process of thinking about a decision in terms of decision theory will often itself bring insight.  I can facilitate the process of setting up a decision problem in decision theory terms and exploring the consequences of different actions.
  • "Business Analytics" is a buzz word currently.  WIth graduate training in operations research, I also have expertise in developing quantitative models for solving business problems.